The brief for this project was to update the garden design and introduce a modern theme fit for the rigors of family life.

Award winning garden designer, Peter Reader, explains how our handcrafted Hit and Miss fencing features in this garden makeover. 

Interviewing Peter he said, 'I was contacted by the clients to provide them with a complete garden redesign; as I had redesigned their friend’s garden and they really liked it. Their current garden had been in place since they moved in many years before and was literally falling apart.'

'The majority of the garden was laid with artificial turf which was overgrown with moss. The wooden deck and steps were rotting and the fencing was in a similar state of decay. Two of the fences were covered with ivy, which whilst the client didn’t really like ivy, they did like how it softened the boundary appearance.'



The client felt the open garden had served them and their young children well but were looking to overhaul the dated layout to create greater depth with a modern twist. Peter commented 'the team and I held lengthy discussions with the client about their ideas and it became apparent they were particularly looking for the following:

  • Replace the rotten collapsing fencing, but wanted to have some new climbers. The garden is quite small and they didn’t want to feel too enclosed by boundary fencing.

  • Introduce more interest into the main garden space by using different levels, rendered walls and new low maintenance planting whilst retaining the open plan format. 

  •  Remove the old rotting wooden deck and steps; replacing them with natural stone.'

The new design incorporates the following:

  • The old wood has all been replaced by rendered walls and beautiful lightly coloured Jura Beige Limestone slabs.
  • The steps from the entertaining patio up to the garden have been widened making the two levels of the garden feel closer.

  • In the sunniest corner at the back corner of the garden a raised seating area with comfy outdoor chairs has been built; giving a great vantage point over the new garden.

  • Stepping up raised rendered planters on the opposite side of the garden balances the seating area. 

  • The main garden space is divided into three rooms by the use of paving design and planting bed shapes; but the open feel is retained. 

  • All three fences have been replaced with Jackson’s Horizontal Hit and Miss fencing. This fencing is great for the space because it provides privacy to the small space, but the gaps between the boards make the fence feel open and not restrictive. 

  • The horizontal boards of the fence also echo the strong structure of the paving and make the garden feel larger in scale. 

  • Against all three fences there have been new climbers planted. These will be trained up the fence and will counterpoint the contrasting lines of the timber boards with their soft leaves and flowers perfectly.
  • In the area around the raised seating, the fence has been clad with Jackson’s Venetian horizontal trellis.

  • Finally, on the large area of white wall by the entertaining patio a wooden wall sculpture has been installed. This looks great in the daytime, but magical at night as it is back-lit with hidden LED lights. 


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An interesting footnote to the story is that at first the neighbours were unsure about whether to agree to the fence change and wanted the ivy left in place on their side. However, once they saw the Jacksons Hit and Miss fencing they were delighted to have it installed and have removed all the ivy and developed a new flower bed in its place.

Many thanks to Peter for sharing this beautiful project with us. For more information on his award winning company please visit: