Contrary to what you may have heard, the Jakcure 25-year guarantee is an honest show of commitment from Jacksons in the unrivaled quality of its product range.  Our unique preservation process is designed to deliver a timber product that will last in excess of 25 years, offering an economical and environmentally responsible approach to buying timber.  Below are some Questions and Answers on our exclusive 25-year Jakcure Guarantee but if you have any further queries please don’t hesitate to contact us or email

Jakcure Timber 25 Year Guarantee 2011

  • Will nailing the rails or post void the guarantee?

No, any normal fencing practice such as nailing, stapling or attaching electric fencing to posts will not void the guarantee

  • Is the treatment dangerous to children or animals?
  • No, once the treatment is carried out the wood is perfectly safe to use in any application
  • What happens if the posts are sited in wet marsh like conditions, will that void the guarantee?

No, the only place that the posts cannot be sited is in the sea

  • If I have to cut a post or a rail, will that void the guarantee?

No,  as long as any cut ends are painted with End grain preservative, the guarantee will still be valid

  • Why are your posts so heavy?

This is due to the amount of preservative that we force into the timber

  • Will the treatment weaken the posts?

No, the posts are as strong once treated as they were prior to treatment – however, treated posts will last for in excess of 25 years

  • Why is there a variation in the colour of timber?

Every tree is different in form, colour and grain.  Equally within the confines of a cut length, every tree will differ in terms of how it will allow the Jakcure treatment process to penetrate. Colour differences will usually become less pronounced over time but a consistent flat colour without variation will never be achieved

  • What does the Jakcure Guarantee mean?

All Jacksons timber products carry a 25-year Jakcure Guarantee against rot & insect attack. Jakcure is a pressure treatment process which penetrates into the heart wood to deliver lasting protection. It is harmless to man, animal and plant life. Chestnut fencing is excluded from the guarantee, since hardwood, such as Chestnut, cannot be treated via the Jakcure process.

  • Will the guarantee still be valid if the posts are set in concrete?

Yes,  this is a normal fencing practice so obviously the guarantee is still valid

  • I have heard that some preservatives are not safe and have been banned, can you confirm that these are excluded from the Jakcure process?

All chemicals used in the Jakcure process are fully approved by UK and European government regulations

  • If I experience a problem with my fencing, how do I go about activating my guarantee / what evidence do I need to give?

You simply need to call the office where you purchased the goods from, with details of the order and our trained sales staff will ensure the matter is dealt with

  • Are there any circumstances under which you would not allow the guarantee to be activated?

Only if the goods have been used in an unusual way (ie not as fencing) which we were not advised of at the time of purchase

  • Does the guarantee mean I can get my money back or do I get a replacement fence?

The fencing will be replaced

  • Is the Jacksons guarantee unique in terms of life span covered and / or ingredients used?

We are not aware of any other guarantee in the UK that matches the Jacksons guarantee

  • Why don’t other companies offer a similar guarantee?

Because only Jacksons has 45 years experience in the timber preservation process

  • Why is being a Jakcured timber fence more economical than other fencing products?

Because typically the installation costs of a fence are at least the same as the materials,  so if the posts only last 5 years you will have to install the fence five times over to match the life span of a Jakcured fence.  This cost would far outweigh the extra costs associated with purchasing a Jakcured fencing product

  • Is the Jakcure process environmentally friendly?

Yes.  We are environmentally friendly both in terms of the chemicals that are employed in our preservation process, and also because our fencing does not need to be replaced so frequently (we offer a guarantee that the product will last in excess of 25 years), thus minimising the pressure put on a finite resource