Playground & Play Area Fencing

Playgrounds and play areas are great places for children to play and explore. Playgrounds should be safe places for children and that includes the fencing that surrounds it. Fencing is needed across play areas to keep children within safe area for play, and keep hazards such as cars or animals out.

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Fencing for Playgrounds and play areas

Anti Trap Bow Top

Anti Trap Bow Top as the name suggests prevents children from getting their heads, necks or limbs stuck between pales. This is essential in playgrounds where there is not consistent supervision. The pale-through-rail design ensures the pales will not come loose and cause injury. 

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Metal playtime

Metal playtime fencing is exceptionally strong playground fencing ideal for high footfall play areas. Available with multi-coloured pales this style of fencing is great for adding to the creativity of a playground

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Timber Playtime

Timber Playtime is ideal for playgrounds offering a natural timber aesthetic. It provides protection against dog fouling, vandalism and unwanted intrusion, coupled with ease of installation and maintenance-free durability.

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