Tennis Court

Tennis court fencing is used to create a perimeter, demarcate, and enclose a tennis court.

Tennis Court Fencing

Tennis Court Fencing

Our tennis court fencing features a top rail for strength to reduce sagging and protect against wear and tear, keeping games in play. 

Tennis Court Fencing

Sports Enclosures

Our range of sports enclosure fencing includes ball stop netting, tubular systems, rebound welded mesh panels, and acoustic barriers to reduce noise around pitches and stadiums. we also supply MUGAs for schools, leisure centres, and public spaces.

Sports Fencing and Enclosures

Shopping with us

We offer the longest guarantee available on timber production for residential use.

Tennis Court Surrounds

Tubular Chain Link

Galvanized tubular system Tennis Court Surrounds with both chain link or welded mesh cladding.

Galvanized finish Tubular posts and Top Rail with optional polyester powder coating at additional cost.

Tubular construction for extra strength - less vulnerable to vandals.

Comes complete with plastic coated line and tying wires.

Tennis court fence 2.75m high constructed of tubular posts 60.3mm diameter, with a galvanized top rail and struts of 41mm diameter complete with tubular formed gate. Clad with plastic coated chain link 50mm mesh, 3.15mm overall, with 2.24mm galvanized core wire complete with plastic coated line and tying wires.

More detailed Tennis Court information can be found on our commercial website at or for a direct link to the page, click here