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Multi Use Games Areas - M.U.G.A.s

Versatile sports arenas

Jacksons now supply and install MultiUse Games Areas. MUGAs is a complete fencing system for sportsthat is tailor-made to comply with Sport England and The Sports and Play Construction Association (SAPCA) specification and recommendations.

This provides a highly versatile sports arena that accommodates the needs of children as they grow and develop different interests in sport. The system has been intelligently designed with child safety as a priority.

Options in the design have given consideration to having a bolt hole gate to allow persons backed into a corner in bullying situations to escape from the MUGA.

Technical details

Heights: from 1.0m to 5.0m high. 1.08m high panel increments for safe and secure use and installation. Fencing can be extended over 5.0m for cricket use.

Panels: flat profile wire mesh panels, mesh 200 x 50, vertical wires 6mm diameter, with double horizontal wires at 8mm diameter for extra strength.
Framed with 50 x 25mm box section with a central beam in the middle of the panel for support
and strength.
Rebound fencing panels with double wire available please ask for details.

Posts: 80x60mm RHS, 60mm to view, with lugs for fixing panels. Posts at 2.5m centres.
Fixings: Panels secured with tamper proof M12 bolts, nuts and protectors. Rubber bushes provided to reduce noise and vibration.

Typical court sizes 37 x 18m
and 25 x 18m

MUGAs premiumPremium MUGA Full Height

This is the MUGA Premium system (illustrated right) with three EuroGuard Flatform framed shaped panels to take it to it�s full 3m height with radiused corners and exits.

MUGAs prem-halfheightPremium MUGA Low Level

This MUGA system has allthe same benefits as the full height Premium system, with the exception of the additional panelincrements to take it to full height along the sides,making this system idealfor spectators. The ends are shaped to full height towards the goal area.

MUGAs midrangeMid-range MUGA

This MUGA system has framed level top EuroGuard flatform panels to 3m high. It has radiused corner with straight bolt-hole side exits.

MUGAs economyEconomy-range MUGA

The economy version of the MUGA systems this features Flatform Euroguard non-framed panels, with no radiused corners and with straight bolt-hole side exits.


Jacksons provide a full installation service and can arrange for the court surface and white lining for court marking.


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