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Barbican® steel paling fencing

Barbican Fencing and Gates

Now you can choose a complete fencing system that gives you the security of modern steel, matched with the classic good looks of traditional iron railings, that's Barbican.

Ideal for town and countryside settings

Barbican looks equally good enclosing a town square, a country park, a public building or an industrial or commercial site. Wherever style with security is the brief, Barbican is the answer. Available with pales at 150mm centres or 129mm centres to give a maximum 100mm gap; required for schools and play areas.

Not just a fence - a system

Barbican provides a total fencing system, as easy to erect as it is impregnable when complete. Panels come in seven standard heights from 1 to 3M, and connectors can be supplied for fixing at angles other than 90?.

Gates to match

Matching swing gates come in two designs, according to width and height. In addition, automated sliding and swing gates complete the range of options which make Barbican the all-round fencing system you can't ignore.

Barbican stays looking good

Barbican is maintenance-free throughout a normal life. Made entirely from hot-dip galvanised steel, it is also available with an additional durable coating in green, black, white, blue or grey. (Other colours on request). So Barbican keeps its good looks without rusting or needing repainting.

Versatile Barbican Style

Tricky terrain needn't be a problem, we've erected raked panels down the steepest of slopes. Panels can also be stepped to allow for sloping ground conditions and existing walls can be catered for with cranked posts.

Look - no joins

With Barbican, the 25mm square palings are inserted clean through the top and bottom rails and welded. There are no rivets to be forced and no way the palings can be removed. Then the 60 x 40mm horizontal rails are sleeved on to the upright posts. No obvious joins and no unsightly bolts to be vandalised. The result is a stylish and seamless design that is deceptively strong. And to top it all, the oblique-cut palings or arrowhead tops make painful points for would be climbers.

Vandalproof Connectors

The jointing system makes it impossible to remove the panel without digging out the posts. The horizontal rails of each panel are slipped over a tough unique steel fitting connected to the post. The rails at corner and end posts are rivetted to the steel connector attached to the post for even more security.


The main posts are 60 x 60mm or 80 x 60mm depending on the fence height. Post centres are at 3M for fences up to 2.5M high and at 2.4M for fences 2.9M and 3.0M high. All are supplied with a post cap. Each post to be set in concrete for stability. The post is designed to go into concrete approximately 700/800mm. Level differences on site are accommodated by stepping the sections. The maximum step per panel with standard posts is 100mm. If the step is greater than 100mm longer posts should be used. In the case of steep slopes, specially constructed raked sections can be supplied.

Even more security with Security Extras

Alternatives to the standard spike security top are available to meet your specific requirements. These include post extensions designed to support Jacksons Security Extras like barbed wire, barbed tape, Rota-Spike, Barbican Extra and Alarm-aFence. Information on all these products can be found under the Security Extras section of this brochure.

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