Electric Fence Supplies


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Electric Fencing Supplies

We have recognised that many of our customers regularly have a requirement for electric fencing, to enable strip grazing or simply to provide an added barrier to the existing post and rail fencing, so we are delighted to be able to offer our customers the ability to buy Electric Fencing products direct from our web site (below).







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Rutland is the largest manufacturer of electric fencing in the UK and their outstanding range enables us to offer our equestrian and agricultural customers an unrivalled choice of exceptional products of proven superiority - both in terms of performance and longevity. We have selected a range of their products that we hope will cover our customers needs, however if you have any requirements that don't seem to be covered here, for instance you have sheep or chickens to fence in, please do call us on {% PhoneNumber %} and we will be happy to help you with information on other products in their superb range.

Energiser: Stock Code Rutland Usage
Mains Powered 3w 1500m average Vegetation 010511 ESM401 Medium Duty
Earth Stake Galvanised 2m 010512 18-179m Medium Duty
Lead Out Cable 1.6mm steel core for connect- 010539 17-125 Medium Duty
ing mains powered energisers to fence and earth      
Energiser: Battery Powered 010503 ESB57 Equestrian
Mounting Stand Earth Stake Galvanised 010504 SP57-004  
Deep Cycle Wet Battery 12Volt 75Ah 010529 22-107  
Tape/Rope/Netting options:      
200m Electro Tape 20mm White 010532 30-131 Equestrian
Joiner set for 12/20mm tape pack of 5 010554 30-151  
200m Electro Tape 40mm White 010555 30-136 Equestrian
Joiner set for 40mm tape pack of 5 010553 30-156  
Tape Connector for electric connection between 010549 30-158  
tape lines.      
100m Electro Rope 6mm dia. 010556 30-122 Equestrian
50m Orange Netting 900mm inc. 15 posts 010557 28-170 Sheep
50m Green Netting 1120mm inc. 15 posts 010558 28-159 Poultry
Post/Insulator options:      
Using existing wooden posts      
Screw Insulators for Tape Packet 20 010542 30-169  
Screw Insulators for Poly Rope Packet 20 010560 30-168  
Strain Insulators HD for Wire to suit
Ends and Corners Pkt.10
010561 16-122  
Posts for dividing a field for strip grazing:      
Poly Posts 1220mm high White Box 20 010551 30-195 Horses
Poly Posts 960mm high White Box 20 010550 30-196 Ponies
Gate Options:      
Gate Handle Kit - Insulated Handle 010523 17-123  
Electric Fencing Warning Signs Pkt. 5 010524    

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Products in Electric Fence Supplies

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010521 - 30-117 - Flexi Gate
Electric Fencing Flexi Gate

Code: 010521

£22.49 EXC VAT

Buying multiple products?
Just update the quantities of each item you wish to buy and click 'Add all to basket'

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