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Expert Installation Is Important

Jacksons offer a nationwide fencing contractor service known as Expert Fencing Installers. Every single Expert Installer has been carefully selected and are highly experienced professionals who will complete the project competitively and without skimping - delivering a premium service to match the premium fencing.

We have developed a Customer Charter for your reassurance of our joint commitment to quality. This Charter establishes the Code of Practice expected from a Jacksons Expert Installer along with your expectations from them. A copy of the charter will be presented to you with your quotation.

Throughout the process from enquiry and completion of the installation specific quality procedures must be adhered to by both Jacksons and the Jacksons Expert Installer. These cover all aspects of the installation in accordance with Jacksons instructions and best practices, working competently and responsibly throughout the duration of the contract.

Please call 0800 408 2234 with your initial enquiry. Once we have the outline details of your projects requirements, we will provide you with a budget quotation and subject to your agreement, then arrange for your local Expert Installer to contact you for a detailed estimate or to arrange a visit to discuss the project with you, in person.

  • Jacksons Expert Installer 

    A short video from Jim Miller discussing the importance of using the correctly sourced materials when installing fencing and the merits of using a Jacksons Approved Expert Installer. 

  • How to Install Fencing

    A 'how to guide' by Jacksons Fencing showing you a step by step guide to how to install a garden fence; covering which tools you will need, which materials, the appropriate safety precautions and the recommended processes when installing garden fencing or posts.

  • Which Panels to Install?

    See a sample of Jacksons fence panel range and garden fence panel accessories which you are able to buy ready for installation. All timber fencing is complete with a 25 year guarantee and is available to buy here.

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