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Set Fence Height Height includes Gravel Board

Include Gravel board(s) - sits between panel and ground

Gravel boards need to be used when panels are in contact with the ground as part of the 25 year Jackure guarantee conditions. Also adds 150mm to the fence height.

You must have gravel boards if you have selected Heavy Duty posts on a fence panel that is 1.65m

Number of Panels

Please note, all panels are 1.83m wide and all slotted posts are standard 100x100mm.

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Now you have your panels, use our app to calculate posts, Postcrete and any accessories you need. Please note, this app will automatically add Gravel board(s) to your basket. Gravel boards are required when panels are in contact with the ground as part of our 25 Year Jakcure guarantee. Gravel boards will add 150mm to the fence height, please go to step 1 to change the height of your fence panel(s).

Step 2: Choose your posts

picture of regular posts

Regular Posts HD

picture of corner posts

Corner Posts HD

picture of end posts

End Posts HD

Regular standard posts Please note, all panels are 1.83m wide and all slotted posts are standard 100x100mm. Heavy Duty Jakposts are 120mm x 124mm nominal section, planed finish with two 54mm x 25mm slots for fence panels

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Step 3: Choose your cap style

fence caps
fence caps
6" cap
fence caps
Acorn Cap Style
fence caps
Half round Cap Style
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Chamfered Cap Style (5")
fence caps
Ball & Collar Cap Style
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Step 4: Add Extras

fence postcrete


Postcrete should be used to set your posts into the ground. Our recommendations are that you should use 2x 20kg bags for posts being installed into hard ground or 3x 20kg bags for posts in soft ground, installing a fence taller than 1.8m or you are using our Heavy Duty posts.

3 bags per post will be required when using Heavy Duty posts.

fence preservative

Jakcure Cut Treatment

Jakcure Cut Treatment should be used when products are sawn or cut to ensure additional protection for any cut edge from potential rot and insect attack. This is required when cutting to qualify for our 25 year guarantee.

fence capping rail

Capping Rail

A capping rail is installed on top of your fence panels and adds a great finishing touch.

cut down kit

Cut Down Kit

If you require a shorter panel than our standard width 1.83m add a cut down kit to your order so that you can reduce the width of the panel on site.

hedgehog gravel board

Hedgehog Gravel Board

To help the UK's declining hedgehog population we recommend you replace some of your gravel boards with our Hedgehog Friendly Gravel Boards. Doing this allows hedgehogs to roam freely between gardens to search for food and mates.

fence screws


We recommend 6 screws per panel or 12 if using a capping rail. Approx. 100 screws per pack

picture of infill pieces

Infill Pieces

For gardens where you are required to step fence panels in order to follow sloping ground, we recommend adding an infill piece to slot into your posts in order to fill the gap between the fence panel and the top of the post. Infill pieces are 2m long and can be cut to size on site.

fence security comb

Security Comb

To add extra security to your fence add a Security Comb to your order. Please note: you may require planning permission or building regulations approval to install this security measure. It is essential that you install warning signs when in use. (code 329330).

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