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    Every Jacksons product is designed with safety in mind; from the foundation calculations, to the pale spacing in fencing and gates to the fittings used and the expert installation services provided.

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    Jacksons was one of the first fencing manufacturers to have products developed and tested to LPS 1175 and remains the only fencing and gate manufacturer able to offer certified products from LPS 1175 SR1 through to LPS 1175 SR5 (the highest security rating for a fence available). The range includes steel mesh and vertical bar designs, a mesh and timber combination and the only timber fence to be certified to LPS 1175 - Jakoustic® Class 3 which is certified to SR3, therefore we are able to provide the right perimeter security solution whatever the requirement.

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    Jacksons Fencing recognises that sustainability encompasses environmental, economic and social issues. Sustainable business practices are given due consideration at each stage of the fencing process and are regularly reviewed to ensure continual improvement. The provision of information and training to employees further ensures the continued future commitment.

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At Jacksons we provide fencing and access solutions to more than 750 educational facilities every year. Our comprehensive range includes timber and steel fencing, acoustic barriers, gates and gate automation and parking controls, which are all available in standard and bespoke options.

Our 25 year service life guarantee gives you superior lifetime value compared to many other timber and steel products on the market which typically only last for 10 to 15 years at most.

Whether you are looking to prevent unauthorised entry to your school grounds, reduce the impact of environmental noise in your classrooms or make your playground fencing safe, we have a solution for you. Take a look at some of our case studies below to see how we helped make their school safe and secure.

Ready to find out more? Let us help you find a solution for your school.

Protecting Buttons Pre-School

Safeguarding is an incredibly important consideration for any education site, but now Buttons Pre-School in Kent is secure with Jacksons’ fencing and gate solutions.

Watch the video to discover how Jacksons helped Fegans and contractor Beacon Group replace outdated facilities with a modern building that meets the needs of staff and children.

Northwood School Case Study

Watch our video to see how Jacksons has helped Northwood School welcome visitors, define outside spaces, and secure its perimeter with innovative fencing and gate solutions.