Approved Installer of the Year

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Winner 2023

Leyton Fencing

Leyton Fencing Decking and Landscaping received all excellent or good customer feedback forms throughout the year, and this matches the quality of the installations our Approved Installer managers have monitored as well. Customers feedback includes “Mark and his team were brilliant! They were so helpful throughout the process and really efficient”.
AI of the Year 2023

Winner 2022

Garden Fencing London

Winner of Approved Installer of the Year 2022 is Garden Fencing London who are true ambassadors of our brand. Since joining the scheme their enthusiasm for our products and brand has grown exponentially. A series of positive reviews year after year from both our customers and staff, continually shows to us that Garden Fencing London are what the scheme is designed for. AI-of-the-year-2022

Winner 2021

1st aid 4 Fencing

This year’s winner received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback left via our guarantee registration forms, contributed content to our social media streams throughout the year and promoted our products throughout the year.

Winner 2020

Countryside Contracts

Last year's winners Countryside Contracts took the crown for the their tireless work ethic and high quality installations. Countryside Contracts helped us with a variety of projects including Love Your Garden throughout the year.

Winner 2019

Kerrs Fencing and Tree Surgery

Kerrs Fencing and Tree Surgery won in 2020 after impressive year on year growth in Jacksons installations, contributing to our social media channels and a lot of positive reviews.

Winner 2018

Tatton Fencing

Tatton Fencing were the first to win our Approved Installer of the year award in 2019. They showcased how wonderful our products can look and showed great craftsmanship.

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