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Fencing manufacturers since 1947

From humble beginnings to computer technology, robots and buying online by Peter Jackson, Chairman and C.E.O.

Let’s take a leap backwards in time to 1947 and remember my father, Ian Jackson and his father, Harold Sands Jackson, who started the Jacksons Fencing Manufacturer business back then. They recognised an opportunity and started selling chestnut stakes and fencing to local farmers, and gradually built up the business, adding further product lines and developing sites in other areas of the country.  In the 1960s they introduced pressure treatment of timber realising the increased benefits to their customers by ensuring it lasted many more years. 

In a “company photo” back in the mid 70’s you can see we had already grown into a reasonably sized firm. That’s my father in the front at the centre, it’s testament to the kind of company that Jacksons are that there are still quite a few familiar faces in this photo that are still with us today.

It was around about this time that my father, who was always a forward thinking man, decided to introduce computers to the company. Before many other fencing manufacturers and firms had even thought of using them he introduced a Kienzle 2000 system that handled all sorts of accountancy functions, even printing out invoices. At the time, large accountancy firms were still using adding machines that had crank handles, but we had computers and electronic adding machines!

In the nineties we decided to go for robotic technology and introduced systems that mean metal fencing panels can be welded accurately all day long, without the welders tiring.  And having been convinced by the benefits of pressure treatment, we decided to guarantee our timber for 25 years.  We’re confident enough to guarantee it, so our customers have confidence too. Once again showing we lead the way in fencing manufacturing supplying only the very best quality products. Maybe it’s this forward thinking that’s made us survive the years, embracing change rather than fighting it. "Forward thinking" brings me neatly on to my next subject - which is our web site.  Many years ago when the bright sparks from our Marketing and IT departments proposed that we should develop our web site into an e-commerce site selling our products online, there was quite a lot of sceptical comments - it couldn’t possibly work and the thought of someone trying to put together what they needed for their fencing project, on the site would be far too complicated. Happily they were undeterred by the doubters and eventually the project was given the go ahead and the thought became a reality.  Now our website is the biggest e-commerce Fencing Manufacturer site on the web.

Fencing Manufacturers since 1947

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