Our history

Fencing manufacturers since 1947

From humble beginnings to harnessing technology and selling online by Peter Jackson, Chairman and C.E.O.

Let’s take a trip back in time to 1947 when my father, Ian Jackson and his father, Harold Sands Jackson, started the Jacksons Fencing business in the Kent countryside.

They recognised an opportunity and started manufacturing and selling best quality chestnut stakes and fencing to local farmers, and gradually built up the business, adding further product lines and opening sites in other parts of the country. In the 1960s they were among the first to introduce the pressure treatment process for timber to further increase the service life of their growing portfolio of products.

In a 'company photo' taken in the mid 70’s you can see we had already grown into a reasonably sized firm. That’s my father in the front at the centre, it’s testament to the kind of company that we are that there are still quite a few faces in this photo that are still with us today.

It was around about this time that my father, who was always a forward-thinking man, recognised that there was a better way to organise the growing mail-order service being offered and decided to introduce computers to the company to manage accountancy and stock functions. At the time, large accountancy firms were still using adding machines that had crank handles, but we had computers and electronic adding machines.

In the 90’s we introduced robotic technology to reduce the monotony of repetitive welding in the manufacture of our steel vertical railing panel fencing systems and to ensure accuracy and consistency. And having been convinced by the benefits of our vacuum pressure treatment process, we made the decision to guarantee our timber products for 25 years against all types of rot and insect infestation. No other manufacturer of timber garden products was prepared to offer such a long and comprehensive guarantee and today, almost 30 years later, it has proven to be one of our most courageous and successful initiatives.

Perhaps it’s a result of generations of forward thinking that’s helped us to grow over the years, embracing change rather than fighting it; which brings me to our web site.

Many years ago, when the bright sparks from our Marketing and IT departments proposed that we should develop our web site into an e-commerce site making our products online, there was quite a lot of scepticism - it couldn’t possibly work as the concept of someone being able to put together what they needed for their fencing project, would be far too complicated.

Happily, the team were undeterred by the doubters and eventually the project was given the go ahead and the idea became a reality. Today, our website is not only the largest e-commerce site on the web for fencing products but has also become the preferred destination for all those looking to update or transform outside spaces, from landscape architects and garden designers to homeowners. It’s also been much imitated but the quality and depth of our product range and commitment to continually add useful content ensures we stay one step ahead.

I hope you will find everything you need for your garden fencing and landscaping project on this website. If you’d like to find out more or discuss your requirements, please feel free to use the ‘Live Chat’ service or call us on 0800 408 2234 to speak with one of our sales advisers.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for higher security or commercial fencing systems in steel, steel mesh, steel and timber combinations or acoustic environmental noise barriers, please follow this link to visit our commercial website.

Fencing Manufacturers since 1947