Spring is the perfect time to start planning a garden makeover.  It’s exciting thinking about what changes you can make to your outside space.

Something to keep in mind is making sure you move fast, so you can complete your project in plenty of time to fully enjoy the summer.

One of the things that can make a huge difference to the time you spend in the garden is to create a structure or shelter. This not only adds an interesting visual element, but obviously has a use as a handy outdoor room.

TV programmes like George Clarke’s ‘Amazing Spaces’ and ‘Shed of the Year’ have broadened our minds to the potential of existing structures like chalets, caravans, sheds and even shepherd huts, that can be ‘up-cycled’ to make a quirky haven in the garden, where we can relax, entertain friends and family, or spend time on our own hobbies and pastimes.

Curved garden shelter

However, not everyone has the time, money or imagination to conceive of renovating a shed that’s already in situ, or making something from scratch. Perhaps this is where the smart choice is investing in a ready-made structure like the Retreat or the fantastic new Curve from Jacksons Fencing.

The Curve is a sleek and simple structure - one continuous curve arching gracefully from the ground. There’s no need for posts, with this seemingly gravity defying contemporary garden shelter. It is fastened securely to the ground with three strong steel blades that are dug in on each side.

curve roof looking up

The generous interior space is big enough to set up a dining area, leaving ample room for a chill out zone. This is enhanced by the unusual effects produced by sunlight shining through the horizontal slats, which creates a calming setting for relaxing in.

The clear polycarbonate sheets covering the panels, lend the Curve a shower-proof quality, and this also adds some protection from the wind.

If you are looking for something a little smaller the aptly named Retreat garden shelter is available in two styles; one with the original Venetian style infill panels, the same as Jacksons very popular panels of the same name and the other version has the new woven infill panels, which gives it a very different look.

Venetian garden Retreat

Both versions of the Retreat are approximately 3.3m wide, 1.7m deep and 2.1m high. Even with this relatively modest size it is still roomy enough to have a seating set and low table, so ideal for relaxing.  Both panel infill types also produce the wonderful shadow effects when the sun is shining through them.

woven retreat open side

The Woven and the Venetian Retreat garden shelters have the option of having the clear polycarbonate sheet on the roof to give them the added shower-proof quality.

As with all our products, Jacksons garden shelters are made from Jakcured timber guaranteed for 25 years, so you can enjoy them for many years to come.

For more garden shelter options from Jacksons see, The Demi Curve  and the Zone