Wooden Fence Stiles, With Dog Gate


25 Year Guarantee

Wooden Stile With Dog Gate

  • All manufactured from Jakcured softwood
  • We recommend that all posts are set in concrete
  • This unit is suitable for inserting in any type of fence in almost any situation







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Ever thought stiles were designed only for walkers without their canine companions, well here's Jacksons solution. No more lifting the dog over and getting covered in mud, or encouraging your dog to jump, only for them to take a tumble on the stile. Now all you need to do is pull up the handle and a dog sized gap appears. Far easier and less painful all round.

No need to worry if your stile is in a rabbit proofed fence, we have added a solid bottom to fill the gap so the rabbits can't get through.

Stile with Dog Gate

Footpath Stile with Dog Gate

  • Three x 1.8m long x 125 x 75mm posts (2 morticed) to take 4 rails
  • The post length allows for 525mm to be set in the ground
  • There are four rails 1150mm long, 100 x 38mm section
  • The two treads are 1.2m x 175 x 50mm section, supported by two 1.35m x 125 x 38mm and two 1.05m x 125 x 38mm tread posts
  • The dog gate comprises a top rail for nailing between the posts, with holes to support the handle attached to the plywood gate, which is contained within the slides, made of four x 1.2m lengths of 37 x 25mm batons.


 Stile without a dog gate is available here 

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